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July 12, 2021

Top 5 Uses for Spot Coolers

Spot cooling is an effective solution for a wide range of cooling problems. Spot coolers can be set up quickly and can be used just about anywhere due to their compact size. Once they are installed, spot coolers do not have to be constantly monitored, making them easy to maintain. Here are the top 5 uses for spot coolers:

1) Server Rooms/Data Centers - Unfortunately we can’t always rely on our building's central HVAC system. With these types of rooms there is a lot of concentrated heat being generated. Spot coolers can help keep the equipment cool and alleviate any hot spots. Building HVAC systems often shut down after hours or on weekends but luckily spot coolers can run 24/7.

2) Commercial Office Space - It is proven that workers are more productive in a comfortable environment. If the HVAC goes out or is just not keeping up with the heat, a spot cooler is a perfect solution for keeping the employees cool and comfortable.

3) Healthcare Facilities - Keeping patients and labs cool is crucial and oftentimes required. Whether it is a hospital, laboratory, assisted living facility, etc., spot coolers can maximize patient comfort and usage of the space.

4) Restaurants - When working anywhere where there is a kitchen, it is bound to get really hot. And if the HVAC system fails, you're left with the possibility of customers walking out and uncomfortable employees. A spot cooler is compact and portable enough to place in the dining area and in the kitchen.

5) Educational Facilities - Spot coolers are great for schools of any size because schools have so many individual rooms. When there is a cooling problem, you can place multiple units in spaces that you need to keep cool. This will ensure the faculty and students are comfortable.

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