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January 13, 2022

The Role of an Operations Team

The operations team in an HVAC / equipment rental company plays a huge part in ensuring customer satisfaction, maintaining and cleaning equipment, and providing delivery, installation, and pickup of equipment for your next project or event. There are some common traits among solid operations teams that you should look for when determining who to use on your next project:

Drivers are the Installers

A cross-trained team is very important in ensuring the customer gets the equipment delivered and installed in a timely manner. An operations member should be trained in driving, installation, pickup, and even basic troubleshooting. Having a cross-trained team reduces downtime for end-users as they don’t have to wait on a separate install team to show up after a delivery. 

When a job is scheduled, the operations members should get the truck loaded with all of the necessary equipment. If the job requires a large truck, there should be a CDL driver ready to go. Once on the job-site, the team delivers, installs and configures in one stop. If they need any additional items to complete the job, team members should have the authority and purchasing power to do what it takes to make sure the job gets installed to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

24/7 Service

Well trained operations teams pride themselves on returning units to good working order for the next job. However, things can happen because if it’s mechanical, it can break down.  Issues can be minor like an unplugged extension cord or serious where an equipment swap is necessary. Either way you should have access to answers to your questions and solutions to your problems without down time.

Consider asking for the following when choosing an HVAC rental company: 

  1. A QR code on the equipment to scan for a Q&A and/or instruction manual.
  2. Contact information for your account manager.
  3. A 24/7 customer service number to speak with a real human regarding your equipment and facilitate the process of coming up with a solution to the problem

On-Site Technicians

Many job scenarios benefit from having an on-site technician. Events, like patio heater projects, often take advantage of on-site techs because the techs are able to keep the heaters lit

in case the wind blows them out. This allows event coordinators more time to focus on other areas of the event without having to worry about heat. Other projects may have generators and AC units, where the technician can be on-site to make sure the equipment is running

properly, can answer any questions, keep the generator fueled, and provide peace of mind to the end user. Techs on-site should be available 24/7.

At ​​​​​​Portable Air we strive to provide best-in-the-industry customer service. Our Operations team is integral to making this happen. They work very hard to ensure that our customers get their equipment on time, installed correctly, started up, and can show the customer how to operate the equipment while on rent. The above examples are just a part of what makes the Portable Air Operations Team special.

​​​​​​We appreciate and thank all of our operations team members!

During these difficult times, we are grateful to have such an amazing team in place. We continue to grow at our locations in Houston, TX and Cocoa, FL. If you know of anyone that is interested in joining our amazing team, please click the link here →







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