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November 13, 2020

The Best Heater Rentals for Outdoor Events

When planning an outdoor event in the fall or winter, you might be concerned about the chilly temperatures affecting your guests’ comfort. From outdoor weddings to holiday parties and more, the weather has a direct impact on guest experience.

For a truly enjoyable outdoor event during this time of year, you need to have some form of outdoor heater rental. Fortunately, there are many types of heaters for outdoor events that allow you to keep temperatures warm and guests happy.

To avoid cold temperatures and cold glances from guests, learn about the outdoor event heaters below.

What Are the Best Heaters for Outdoor Events?

There are several outdoor heater rental options that may be right for your event. Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding, an outdoor concert, offering outdoor seating on a patio at a bar or restaurant, or another outdoor event, there are several heating options to make sure your guests have an enjoyable time.

Below are two options for outdoor heater rentals that can help make your event perfect.


Patio Heaters

Patio heaters provide a comfortable, warm environment for your outdoor event, keeping your guests comfortable. Electric patio heaters offer a safe, quiet and effective way to bring warmth to an outdoor space. Patio heaters come on wheels, allowing for versatility in their placement.

Patio heater rentals are also visually pleasing and can actually add to your exterior décor. Since heaters for an outdoor wedding must be functional and aesthetically pleasing, patio heater rentals are an ideal choice. Add this to the wonderful heat they provide on a chilly night, and you have the perfect heater for your outdoor event.

The versatility of patio heaters is another benefit. These outdoor event heaters can be used to provide heating solutions to outdoor events, bars, restaurants, and more.

Why You’ll Love It: This mobile patio heater keeps outdoor gatherings warm and cozy with easy electronic ignition, LED lighting and up to 47,000 BTUs of heat output. Additionally, the sleek stainless steel finish makes it durable and allows it to blend well with a wide range of venues.

About Standard Patio Heaters:

  • Up to 47,000 BTUs variable output
  • Adjustable table with LED light
  • Easy-start electronic ignition
  • Easy-moving wheels for convenient mobility

Flame Dancers

As the name suggests, these outdoor event heaters feature a captivating flame that moves around in a central chamber. If you would like to add the visual element of a crackling fire to your event, flame dancers offer a safe and mesmerizing way to do so.

With modern designs and polished colors, flame dancers are an appealing way to keep guests cozy. These sleek units are sturdy enough to withstand the elements and are mobile. Flame dancers come on wheels, allowing for optimum placement.

Additionally, these heaters for outdoor events are quiet and odorless, keeping them from disturbing you and your guests. Flame dancers offer versatility as well. They can be used for outdoor events as a space heater and placed inside for tented events.

Why You’ll Love It: These units are easy to transport and roll into place. A few of the “rental tough” design features include reinforced mesh screens and a thick gauge clear tube that resists shattering. With easy to start electronic ignition and 41,000 BTUs per hour heat output, guests can enjoy the festivities in comfort.

About Flame Dancer Heaters:

  • "Rental Tough" Redesign Improvements
  • 5-gallon propane tank typically lasts 6 to 8 hours
  • Mesh screen is reinforced (unlike with light-duty brands)
  • Tough, Thicker Frame and Glass Tube

What Are the Best Heaters for Outdoor Enclosed Events?

The addition of heaters for outdoor events enhances guest comfort and enjoyment.

But what happens when the event is taking place in an enclosed space outside?

Because tents do not contain insulation, outside temperatures greatly affect the climate inside the tent. Taking control of tent temperatures requires heaters designed for enclosed spaces.

The versatile outdoor event heaters below offer reliable heating features for your tented event.

Vertical Package Units

Vertical HVAC unit rentals are a great choice when it comes to space-saving heaters for enclosed outdoor events. These outdoor heating solutions have a compact design, making them ideal for installation in tight areas. Vertical package units are also ideal for tented events because they can be clamped to the tent's sidewall, making them part of the infrastructure.

Vertical package units are great heaters for outdoor wedding receptions that will take place in an enclosed tent. They can blend into the background so that your guests notice the pleasant warmth, not the machine. The ideal setting for vertical package units is in a fully enclosed tent. Vertical air conditioning units have both cooling and heating features, offering the highest quality and reliability.

Why You’ll Love It: Are you striving to maximize space for your event? The Vertical Space Saver allows the installation of a heating system where minimal floor space is available and where ceiling mounted or ducted units are not practical. The Space Saver can be used as a free blow unit with the optional discharge air plenum or it can be ducted.

About Vertical Package Heaters:

  • 45Kw of heating power
  • Compact design for installation in tight spaces
  • Multiple lifting points for forklift
  • Multiple installation options (temporary spot heating or tenting, free blow unit,etc.)

Horizontal DX Package Units

Horizontal air conditioning rentals can be used to provide climate control to your event. They have the highest standards in performance, reliability, and ease of use. Horizontal DX package units can be used in fully enclosed tented events.

Horizontal air conditioning rentals provide temperature control, offering both heating and cooling features to keep your guests comfortable for the entire event. Of course, the heating features are likely what you’re in search of. To determine how much heating power you’ll need at your event, take into account the size of the tent as well as the length of the event. Be sure to read about tips on finding the right tent heater.

Most tents do not have ventilation ductwork. However, Portable Air offers temporary sidewall panels with attachments for ductwork with decorative grills. That allows the technician to place these panels in the optimum location to provide proper airflow inside the tent. This “Lay Flat” ducting with built-in vents allows for continued climate control for your event while preserving an attractive appearance.

Why You’ll Love It: Each horizontal package unit can warm a surrounding area of up to [X feet]. A unit can generate anywhere from 66 to 125 amps of heating power.

About Horizontal Heating Units:

  • 5-ton and 25-ton options
  • Effective heating power ranging from 58,000 BTUsto 245,000 BTUs
  • Decorative grill covers to create visually pleasing units
  • Versatile units that offer heating and cooling services

Warm Up Your Outdoor Event with the Portable Heating Experts

The heaters for outdoor events shown above are just a few of the many options available from Portable Air. From tabletop LED heaters to heating fans and more, our wide selection allows you to uncover the ideal solution for your occasion. Whatever your heating needs may be, Portable Air has you covered. For more information, visit Portable Air online or call 877-759-3997.

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