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February 10, 2022

The Benefits of an On-Site Consultation for your Temporary HVAC Project

Having all the answers to your temporary HVAC and power issues isn’t easy for most companies. Many mechanical contractors and event businesses benefit from a reliable temporary HVAC provider to assist them in the project planning process. One of the trademarks of a solid temporary HVAC/equipment provider is their ability to provide an in person consultation, also known as a job-walk. Here are some key considerations that a qualified sales representative will look for when conducting a job-walk: 


Safety should be a top priority when your sales representative is designing a solution. Some places require site specific training that must be completed before the crew can get onsite.  Personal Protective Equipment could also be required for the crew, such as hard hats, steel toe boots, and gloves. In some situations, a badge will need to be acquired. Sales representatives will also determine safe passage of rental equipment on and off the property. Once the equipment is installed, the customer should be trained on safe usage of the equipment. If any concerns arise, 24/7 access to a sales or service representative should be available.  

Examine the Size of the Space: 

Every space is different - A 600 square foot office is going to require a solution that looks different for a 50,000 sq ft warehouse. When your sales representative arrives, the client should first provide the goal of what needs to be cooled and how cold they need it. The representative should then determine the square footage and make note of other variables such as ceiling height, insulation, and potential heat load. From there a basic calculation can be started.

Entry/Exit Points: 

With temporary HVAC cooling projects, the mechanics stay the same no matter the size of the unit: the hot air goes out, and the cold air comes in. This is accomplished in a variety of ways depending on the final solution. Some units are designed to work inside the space to be cooled which results in the need to duct out the hot air. Other units are placed outside the building resulting in the need to duct the conditioned air into the building. A sales representative should walk the space to determine the best solution for the project as every situation is different. Variables such as noise, unit footprint, and CFM capabilities all should be factored.

Power Availability: 

A sales representative should find the breaker panel to determine what kind of power service is in the building. Power represents a big factor in what type of unit to use. Sometimes the best option is to add a generator. Depending on where the unit or units get placed, the sales representative should determine how many feet of cable is needed to safely power the equipment.

Specific Requests: 

Because every job is different, it is vital to find a company who will conduct an in-person consultation. Every controllable variable can be discussed during a job-walk and specific requests can be made. For example, if the final placement of a particular unit involves crossing grass that cannot be damaged, the sales representative can take a creative look at the area and determine how to get that unit to its final destination. Possible solutions include different access points, using specialized equipment, or laying down plywood to create a path. 

At Portable Air, our sales representatives use a checklist for every job in order to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. In an effort to provide the very best solution for our clients, our list of items to assess includes safety, access, power, supply/return, condensation and exhaust. We mitigate the risk of equipment ownership and remove the guesswork involved with choosing equipment. Everything above exemplifies why our Portable Air account managers are exceptional. 

During these difficult times, we are grateful to have such an amazing team in place. We continue to grow at our locations in Houston, TX, and Cocoa, FL. If you know of anyone that is interested in joining our amazing team, please click the link here →







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