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August 22, 2022

Temporary Air: Purchase or Rent?

Air conditioning systems will eventually need service or repair. Whether it is from the age of the unit or equipment damage, if it is mechanical something will go wrong. While your permanent air conditioning system is down, you’ll have guests and/or employees facing indoor temperatures well over 80 degrees and sometimes getting over 100 degrees. Some businesses have contingency plans in place, some have already been planning on changing out their unit, and some have no plan as it was unexpected. Based on your situation, is it best to rent or purchase temporary HVAC equipment? 

The primary benefit of renting temporary HVAC solutions is the convenience of not having to worry about the installation, maintenance, operation, storage or upkeep of the equipment as these services are included with your turn-key rental company. Renting temporary HVAC equipment is best for emergencies, short term planned outages, or long-term projects where the renter wants to be hands-off. If something goes wrong with the unit(s), you will receive simple troubleshooting or the rental company can dispatch a technician to repair or swap out the unit - usually at no additional charge. For these reasons, rentals are very common with mechanical contractors doing permanent system change-outs, tent structure or event companies needing to cool temporary tents, or businesses in an emergency situation. Businesses may face their HVAC system needing repair where it can take a week or even months to get parts in and replaced. If you need something ASAP, renting is the best option. 

Purchasing is a great option if you are in the planning phase of an HVAC changeout where you know your primary unit will be offline for an extended period of time and you have the resources to maintain the equipment. Lead times vary by the equipment that is needed - some are in stock while others have lead times of a few weeks to even a year. Spot coolers usually only take a week or two depending on the stock availability. Larger units, such as package units, chillers, etc. are customized to your needs and may have longer lead times. Purchasing is a fantastic option if you regularly experience power failures or failures of your standard air conditioning and are preparing and planning for something to go wrong. For example, if a hospital’s AC goes down, spot coolers could be a good option for the smaller affected areas while a package unit or portable chiller would be a good option for a hospital system looking to move large units between separate facilities. Purchasing is a wise investment and would be less expensive long-term than renting-long term. However, storage of the equipment, regular maintenance by qualified technicians, and repairs are all issues to consider when purchasing temporary HVAC equipment.

At Portable Air, whether you rent or purchase, our sales representatives use a checklist for every job in order to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. In an effort to provide the very best solution for our clients, our list of items to assess includes safety, access, power, supply/return, condensation and exhaust. We provide top of the line purchase solutions for our customers, and on the rental side, we mitigate the risk of equipment ownership and remove the guesswork involved with choosing equipment. Everything above exemplifies why our Portable Air account managers are exceptional. 

During these difficult times, we are grateful to have such an amazing team in place. We continue to grow at our locations in Houston, TX, and Cocoa, FL. If you know of anyone that is interested in joining our amazing team, please click the link here →


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