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Ambient temperature (ABM) refers to the temperature in a specific area.  ABM can be the temperature in a specific outdoor area, the temperature around a piece of equipment, or the temperature in a room or building. It a retail store, the ABM will be impacted by the air conditioning equipment used to cool/heat the store, the number of people in the store at one time, the insulation in the store, and the equipment in the store that puts off heat such as overhead lighting, computers, and other equipment.


An industrial air-cooled chiller is a refrigeration system that cools fluids and works in tandem with a facility's air handler system. A chiller has four main parts: an evaporator, compressor, condenser, and expansion valve.



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An air cooled chiller is a unit that creates cool air by chilling water using a closed loop system. The air cooled chiller sends chilled water into each building’s chilled water air handler system in order to create cool air for the building. Chillers are ideal for very large buildings such as hotels, refineries, large industrial buildings, and indoor malls, as well as locations that may have multiple buildings that require cooling such as theme parks, water parks, and outdoor malls.



Once in a while you will may come across a situation where a customer would like to know which size unit they need, but no one knows the load of the particular building and a proper load test hasn't been done yet.  As a temporary solution you could base a decent estimate off the square footage of the building. Our estimate calculation is 400 square feet per ton. For example, if a room is 50x50 or 2,500 square foot, we would estimate 6.25 tons for the proper temp change.  For tents, the estimate calculation is 100 square feet per ton. It also depends on the amount of air changes you need per hour,  and on the physical makeup of the individual building, which always makes a detailed walk down worthwhile.

Advice from HVAC experts!

HVAC systems (cooling and heating) can use 60-70% of the overall energy in your facility.  Proper maintenance is one of the key recommendations for maintaining your system’s performance. To really help extend the life of your system, it could be something as simple as changing and cleaning the filters regularly. If you have a large organization, make sure your maintenance staff has a consistent schedule for looking over each aspect of the HVAC system. These include filters, wiring, heat exchange, supply and return points, various ducting like exhaust stacks, fans, coils, and compressors just to name a few.

Depending on the season, certain maintenance strategies should come to mind. During the summer months, you know your HVAC system will need to be working at consistent levels, for 12-24 hours a day. Make sure whoever services your system double checks the A/C condenser and coolant levels of your unit. In winter, HVAC systems work overtime to produce heat to keep your employees and customers safe and comfortable. Make sure to schedule a furnace evaluation, and clear out any dust or debris from the system to avoid potential for fire.

Of course, any mechanical system is going to fail at one point or another. Even with regular maintenance, moving parts and pieces will deteriorate and shut down, leaving you with either a frustrating malfunctioning system, or a chunk of down time with no A/C at all. Either way, you need a repair or replacement, and instead of resorting to a shutdown of business or making people work in hot and uncomfortable conditions, call Portable Air for your temporary or permanent A/C solution! Reach us at (800) 341-4297 or


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