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The Best Portable Air Conditioner depends on your application

Hi, I’m Erik with Portable Air, and we want to talk today a little about the best portable air conditioner in our review today. It’s hot and muggy out, you don’t have any A/C. That is a bad day for you. We’ve got a couple of different options that can help provide a little more cooling and a little better comfort in the environment you’re working with. Whether it’s commercial, industrial, new construction, we have a solution for the best portable air conditioner in each area of need.

The Best Portable Air Conditioner For Indoor Applications


Indoor Portable Air Conditioners, often called Spot Coolers, from Temp-Cool and Airrex range in anywhere from 1 ton to a 5-ton unit. They are easy to move, have a small footprint and are powered by a standard wall outlet. The good thing about these is you can put them anywhere you need to. They’re an all-in-one package. Heat and humidity are sent through the refrigeration cycle and then disperse as cool dry air through two supply nozzles. With the heat the unit takes in, it will require an area to exhaust it back out of the space. Each unit comes equipped with a “Ceiling Kit” to vent the hot air up into a dropped ceiling or directed out of a window or door. Spot coolers are a great way to get heat out of the space and to make a nice comfortable cooled area.

The Best Portable Air Conditioner For Outdoor Applications


Package units range in different sizes, anywhere from a 5-ton to 50-ton units with the most common size being our 25-ton units. They are an awesome solution due to their variety of applications. They can go on any job site. These units can be trailer mounted or placed with a forklift or crane. Once the unit is in place, the flexible duct is attached and cool air is distributed wherever it’s needed. They can be powered by an available breaker or by a temporary generator. Whether installed on the ground or the roof air conditioning can be supplied where it is needed.

The Best Portable Air Conditioner For Events


Let’s say you have an outdoor event in a tent. Maybe you are having a wedding or fundraiser in the summertime. It’s hot and it’s humid and you have 200 guests that are going to be inside that tent. The event is not going to go well without A/C. The best portable air conditioner for this situation is our Vertical Package Units. They connect right into your tent walls to make a nice seamless look from inside. This is another very user-friendly piece of equipment that will ensure everyone at your event will never have to sweat a drop… least, if they don’t want to!

When your air conditioner fails it’s never a good thing, but it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. There is a solution. It doesn’t matter what type of space you need to be cooled off, rest assured, there is a portable air conditioner solution to meet your need!


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Fully contained package units, the Horizontal DX Air Conditioner is designed for temporary temperature control in the face of AC failure, or even for tented outdoor events. These are great, versatile pieces of equipment.


Have you ever found yourself planning the perfect event? Maybe a wedding or a large family reunion, or even a sporting event, or concert? One major concern is air conditioning. You want your guests to enjoy the event, and a comfortable temperature is required for this to happen. Whether the event is indoors, in a tented outdoor location, or in an open outdoor location, rental air conditioning units are a great solution. Here are four options for event air conditioning rentals that can help make your event perfect.
  1. Vertical HVAC Units - Vertical HVAC unit rentals can be used to provide air conditioning for indoor events as well as tented events as long as the tent is fully enclosed. Vertical HVAC rentals can clamp directly onto the sidewall of a tent, making these units appear to be part of the overall structure. Vertical air conditioning units have both cooling and heating features, and are ideal if your event has space limitations.
  2. Horizontal DX HVAC Units – Horizontal air conditioning rentals can be used for indoor events and fully enclosed tented events. Horizontal air conditioning rentals provide temperature control, offering both cooling and heating features to keep your guests comfortable for the entire event.
  3. Spot Coolers – Spot cooler rentals are very versatile and while they won’t cool the entirety of a large structure, they can be used to provide air conditioning to specific areas of your indoor event. Spot coolers are quiet and can be adjusted to fit your event’s temperature needs.
  4. Misting Fans – Misting fan rentals are ideal for providing cool air to open, outdoor spaces. Misting fans can cool your event without getting guests wet because the cool water vapor dissipates just a few feet away from the fan. They are ideal for outdoor events such as concerts and weddings, and outdoor patios or tented events that are not fully enclosed.


DX Units vs. Chillers

The immediate and most noteworthy difference between these two units is that the DX (direct expansion) unit cools air, and chiller units cool water. DX Units vary in use between supplemental or emergency building AC, or primary AC at tented events or relief structures. Chiller units cool water for use in other AC systems like chilled water air handlers.

DX Package Units

The DX Air Conditioner system uses a refrigerant vapor expansion and compression cycle to cool air coming in through a supply plenum and returns it to the area that needs cooling through the return. The unit effectively circulates refrigerant through a series of condensers and evaporators, which warm air moves through and is cooled down before being pushed through the return. Another key feature of DX Packaged units is the advantage of having the entire cooling system self-contained in one unit. This allows for the installation on top of or alongside a building without too large of a footprint, and are generally less expensive to install.

Air Cooled Chiller Units

Chiller units also use a vapor expansion/compression cycle for liquid refrigerant, much like the DX units. The refrigerant is continuously transformed from a liquid, to a vapor, and back again. This process cools down the refrigerant which is passed through an evaporator. Warm water coming through a 2-5 inch radius supply hose is passed over the evaporator and cooled off to the desired temperature. Typically the cooled water is used for existing air handler systems.

Advice from HVAC experts!

HVAC systems (cooling and heating) can use 60-70% of the overall energy in your facility.  Proper maintenance is one of the key recommendations for maintaining your system’s performance. To really help extend the life of your system, it could be something as simple as changing and cleaning the filters regularly. If you have a large organization, make sure your maintenance staff has a consistent schedule for looking over each aspect of the HVAC system. These include filters, wiring, heat exchange, supply and return points, various ducting like exhaust stacks, fans, coils, and compressors just to name a few.

Depending on the season, certain maintenance strategies should come to mind. During the summer months, you know your HVAC system will need to be working at consistent levels, for 12-24 hours a day. Make sure whoever services your system double checks the A/C condenser and coolant levels of your unit. In winter, HVAC systems work overtime to produce heat to keep your employees and customers safe and comfortable. Make sure to schedule a furnace evaluation, and clear out any dust or debris from the system to avoid potential for fire.

Of course, any mechanical system is going to fail at one point or another. Even with regular maintenance, moving parts and pieces will deteriorate and shut down, leaving you with either a frustrating malfunctioning system, or a chunk of down time with no A/C at all. Either way, you need a repair or replacement, and instead of resorting to a shutdown of business or making people work in hot and uncomfortable conditions, call Portable Air for your temporary or permanent A/C solution! Reach us at (800) 341-4297 or

Professional Solutions From Professionals in the Field

Portable Air’s line of hvac equipment is a great fit for factories, manufacturing plants, or any other industrial complexes where employee comfort and safety while avoiding downtime is key to maintaining manufacturing and processing productivity. No matter how new a building’s hvac or electrical system is, managers and business owners will face failure of this equipment as some point.

The solution comes from renting or owning supplemental or replacement equipment, from single spot cooler portable air conditioners or chilled water air handlers. A professional and reputable company like Portable Air can help with exactly that. Whether it’s a warehouse with temperature sensitive storage, a server room, class room, medical facility, or a full-fledged continuous production assembly line with dozens of workers, modern industry relies heavily on hvac and electricity. If one or both of these fail, business quickly grinds to a halt.

Whenever you have a problem or just a concern with any of your systems, call Portable Air for a free quote and information on a wide range of equipment including DX cooling, air scrubber rentals, portable air conditioner rental, and commercial power generator rentals.

Power can fail for a number of reasons and it is imperative to be prepared.

An important consideration, your local power grid can be an genuinely helpful infrastructure providing the noted luxuries that electricity affords us. However, access to uninterrupted power isn’t always reliable. The bottom line is, power outages are bound to occur, some happening more frequently and lasting longer than expected. That means you could end up sitting in the dark, without air conditioning, while losing potentially thousands of dollars worth of productivity and supplies. Not to mention other essential equipment now faces failure without power.

In the face of these issues, Portable Power Generators are an affordable and simplified solution for powering the essentials for all types of businesses, industrial and manufacturing facilities.  Portable Air provides complete turnkey solutions for our clients’ needs with an extensive fleet of power generators ranging from 25 to 1,000 KVA both for rental and purchase.

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Do you need to rent horizontal package HVAC units with heat for your event? Package units come in all sizes and offer a range of different features, making it difficult for some to determine which unit best fulfills their needs. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few pointers to help you out when renting horizontal package HVAC units for your special event.

Portable Air offers horizontal package HVAC units in a range of sizes for all your event cooling and heating needs. Like us on FaceBook.


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