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Construction projects don’t stop just because the temperature goes down. When maintaining productivity is crucial, a construction heater rental is an asset to the team. To find the best heater for your job site, browse the products below.

Types of Heaters For Construction Sites


Construction Heater Rental Options

Meeting project deadlines and staying on schedule is easier with the right tools. One necessary fixture at any cold job site is a construction heater rental. Let’s walk through the options together.

Indirect Fire Heaters

Indirect-fired heaters are similar to oil- or gas-burning furnaces with chimneys in homes. In such units, a flame in a burn chamber warms the heat exchanger. The device draws cool air into two different chambers. The air passes over and around the heat exchanger and gets warm. The heated air is then passed through a duct to the area you are trying to heat.

Helpful Features: Offers a great deal of flexibility since the main unit sits outside the area you are heating.

Direct Fire Heaters

Maintaining a comfortable temperature is simple with a portable propane heater. Propane heaters are great for heating outdoor areas on construction sites and keeping plants warm in the wintertime, especially during a hard freeze.

The easily transportable heating unit can be moved between job sites. Plus, propane is deemed a clean fuel by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, making it a great option for companies looking to reduce emissions.

Helpful Features: The electronic ignition system makes for an easy start to the unit. On top of this, the safety features such as the oxygen detector ensure that the crew stays secure.

Barrel Heaters

For a versatile heater that provides efficient heating on a job site, a barrel heater is a great option. Barrel heaters are unique because they can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, these units release a dry heat that is preferred in specific construction applications. For instance, if low humidity is essential, a barrel heater’s dry heat is optimal.

Helpful Features: Barrel heaters are durable and feature non-slip footing to hold them in place on the site. Additionally, each unit is equipped with a highly visible thermostat for easy temperature monitoring.

Horizontal Package Unit Rentals

When you need full climate control and have no time to wait, a horizontal package unit is ideal. Portable Air’s selection of package units offer the highest quality and performance, so you can be sure you’re getting a full spectrum climate control solution you can rely on.

Changing weather is no problem for these units. The horizontal package units offer a heat mode along with its cooling mode which makes it ideal for Florida and Texas locations where the temperature can change drastically daily.

Helpful Features: All package units come standard with a heavy-duty skid with forklift pockets for easy transport. The heating and cooling capabilities make these machines helpful year-round.

Simplify Your Construction Heating Process

Portable Air does more than provide top-tier climate control solutions to construction job sites. With an individualized approach to each client, the Portable Air team offers the climate control solutions you need and makes the process a seamless experience.

In addition to construction heater rentals, we offer turn-key configuration and installation of job-sites, delivery and pick-up and 24/7 service. Portable Air also has refueling services for rented generators to keep the entire project running smoothly. To get a tailored climate control solution and advice from the heating experts, contact Portable Air today!

When planning an outdoor event in the fall or winter, you might be concerned about the chilly temperatures affecting your guests’ comfort. From outdoor weddings to holiday parties and more, the weather has a direct impact on guest experience.

For a truly enjoyable outdoor event during this time of year, you need to have some form of outdoor heater rental. Fortunately, there are many types of heaters for outdoor events that allow you to keep temperatures warm and guests happy.

To avoid cold temperatures and cold glances from guests, learn about the outdoor event heaters below.


Preventive maintenance (PM) plays an essential role in keeping your HVAC unit or units running smoothly and efficiently for years on end. Anticipating potential problems and issues upstream – before they occur – can save you big money and keep your tenants happy and productive.

Still, even the healthiest rooftop units can break down or even fail due to any number of factors. Geography and environmental conditions are prime examples; excessive seasonal temperatures or air quality issues could stress system parts and cause problems. Age is another; a 20-year-old unit in the best possible condition is still a 20-year-old unit nearing the end of its useful life.

As we work our way through the unusually cold weather and your unit malfunctions or fails during the cooler winter months (these brutal cold snaps in particular), you can’t afford to be without heat while parts are ordered, entire units are shipped, or technicians work through other appointments before getting to yours. You need heat now.

Thankfully, temporary heating solutions are available in cases like these. When HVAC units fail in the hot summer, temporary cooling is available through customized options. Likewise, Portable Air provides clients in retail, office spaces and industrial buildings, a temporary heating solution when units go offline during the winter. These solutions are anywhere from an indoor 1-ton heat pump that can be placed in service areas of a building that requires temporary heat, and plugged directly into a grounded wall outlet, up to 5 tons, which requires 240 volts of electricity to operate (similar to a residential clothes dryer) and therefore require different power outlets. There are even larger options that we can have a turnkey solution for up to 50 tons in a single footprint!

When it comes to implementing a temporary heating solution, logistics are always the key consideration and challenge – particularly ventilation. To install temporary heating in an interior space, that space must have access to proper ventilation. In cases where a drop ceiling exists, installing a smokestack-style ductwork from the unit to an exterior venting spot. In buildings without drop ceilings, ventilation options still exist; but due to health and safety concerns, it’s critically important to consult with a professional who can devise and implement the proper solution, including the proper size unit for the given space.

If unit breakdowns do occur, and heat is needed until that time when your unit gets fixed or replaced, know that temporary heating solutions are available to you. In these cases, we believe calling an established company with professional experts at Portable Air to implement the solution quickly, safely, cost effectively, and with minimal disruption to tenants/customers is a great way to go!

For more information about heating start-up and process, setting up a meeting or just have a question about anything, feel free in giving us a call at anytime!

With the temperatures continuing to drop and the nights becoming cooler, heating options are becoming a necessity. Whether you are planning an event and looking for some heating options for a large tent or an outdoor patio, or are a business owner that has an air conditioning unit down for repair, there are several heating options to fit your needs.


This time of year is perfect for outdoor events; however, once the sun goes down, it can become a little too chilly for comfort. Patio heaters are a great solution for any outdoor activity once the temperatures start to drop. For any outdoor setting, whether that be a wedding, an outdoor bar, or an outdoor restaurant, patio heaters are a great investment that can help to improve customer and guest satisfaction. For those who want to enjoy time outside in the fall and winter months, patio heaters can create a warm and safe outdoor environment. Here are six commonly asked questions and answers about patio heater rentals.


If you are planning on having any kind of outdoor event and if you are concerned about the temperature dropping during the festivities, you need to plan ahead to make sure your guests will be comfortable. An effective and reliable way to make sure your guests are warm enough is to rent a patio heater from Portable Air.

Portable Air is a trusted provider of rental heating and air conditioning equipment for the commercial and residential market, and is well-known for providing on-time delivery and pickup as well as top customer service. Everything is set up for you so you have nothing to worry about and can count on the heaters working when you need them with no effort on your part. Portable Air can help determine the most strategic placement of patio heaters to get the maximum benefit, and offers propane service included as part of rental costs so there are no surprises when it comes to the expense of operating a patio heater.

Don't leave your guests shivering in the cold at your next outdoor vent. Contact Portable Air today to find out about renting patio heaters and to get an efficient and affordable rental heating product for your next event.

Just because the temperatures drop doesn’t mean all outdoor events and activities stop. Fall and winter are still busy times for outdoor weddings and events of all types. Of course, if you’re planning an outdoor tent even during the cold months, it’s important that you take extra steps to make sure all of your guests will be warm and comfortable. That’s where renting a tent heater can come in handy.

Tent heaters offer a quiet, safe way to heat outdoor spaces, making them perfect for outdoor weddings, parties, church gatherings, and other events. However, not all tent heaters are the same, so it’s important that you know what to look for when renting a portable heater.

For all your event heater rental needs, trust the experienced team at Portable Air. We offer portable industrial and event heater rentals to meet all your needs. Learn more at


For restaurants and bars, portable patio heaters are a smart investment that can drive business and improve the customer experience. Portable heaters can be used during the cold fall and winter months to safely create a warm outdoor environment for those who want to enjoy time outside. However, not all patio heaters are created equal. It’s important that you know what to look for before making a purchase.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when shopping for a portable heater for your patio:

Want to learn more about patio heaters and portable heaters? Talk to the experts at Portable Air today! We offer a wide range of outdoor heating solutions for bars, restaurants, and all types of other businesses. Learn more at

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