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Event Cooling: Back to the Basics

When it comes to party planning, even the most beautiful and festive décor will not count for much if guests are sweltering or shivering. Using the right portable cooling or heating equipment is vitally important to the success of an event. Here are the basics of providing portable equipment rentals for climate control in tents and other party locales.

How Can I Keep My Party Tent Cool?

An air conditioned tent makes for comfortable guests at an outdoor wedding, party or other event. Party tent air conditioner systems can be installed inside or outside of the tent. Read on to learn about the options.

Large 12- and 25-ton mobile air conditioning units are popular for event cooling because of their high cooling capacity. These units will typically be located outdoors with the cold air ducted in. Sometimes, however, multiple spot coolers of 1- to 5-ton capacity can do the job, and these air-cooled units may be located indoors or out depending on noise and space constraints.

Some customers prefer to use two or three smaller units instead of a single larger machine to provide redundancy in the unlikely event that one of the units experiences component failure. Once you’ve determined what layout you’d like, it’s time to consider how much cooling power you’ll need. Read on to learn more about cooling recommendations based on tent size.

How Much Cooling Does My Tent Need?

Having sufficient airflow to the tent is crucial for a steady and comfortable climate. As a rule of thumb, plan on one ton of cooling for every 100 to 150 square feet of area within a tent. That can add up to a lot of tonnages, but it will be needed to compensate for the thin walls of the tent and the resulting high level of air infiltration.

Whether you opt for the low or high end of this range will depend on the calculated heat load, which must take into account factors, including:

Since comfort is a big part of success, it is wise to build a little extra cooling capacity into the game plan for your air conditioned tent.

If the event is to take place indoors, the formula changes to about one ton of cooling for every 400 to 600 square feet of space. Again, the heat load must be calculated as above to determine more precisely how much cooling is needed. An experienced portable air conditioner company can help you determine the best course of action.

Portable Cooling in Open Tents and Open Areas

Portable AC for tents is not the only option for keeping guests cool. Another popular rental option for outdoor event cooling in open areas or open-sided tents is misting fans.

The Power Breezer misting fans have a cooling range of 3000 square feet and can cool a space up to 27 degrees without getting guests wet. Misting fans are compact, quiet and easy to assemble, ideal for various applications, including commercial sites and sporting events.

Operating the Power Breezer misting fan is a breeze. The misting fan conveniently runs off a generator (under 900W) and has easy universal controls. The misting fan has a 100-gallon water tank capacity, providing 4 to 5 days of continuous use.

It’s important to note that evaporative coolers do not offer the level of performance and comfort control associated with air conditioning. However, they still provide a good way to cool on a budget.

How Does Portable Cooling in a Tent Work?

Now that we’ve covered some of the party tent air conditioner options let’s discuss how the equipment performs. As you bring conditioned outdoor air into the tent, you will want to direct the air up or down to avoid blowing directly on individuals.

Cold air will fall and form a layer of comfort here before it is drawn back into the return air duct to be re-cooled. With this approach, smaller units distributed throughout the perimeter of the tent will be advantageous. Keeping the event cooling equipment outside the tent is preferable if possible. The area should be as sealed as possible to prevent cooling loss.

An alternative method is to pressurize the tent with no return ducts, which is a very common method to deliver even cooling distribution throughout the tent. The best approach will hinge on the size of the tent, conditions outside, and other factors.

Power Sources for An Air Conditioned Tent

You also will need to consider the available power supply for your tent with AC. Will you be drawing electricity from an adjacent building or home, and if so, what type of power?

A generator is often needed to support adequate tent cooling. Determine the length of electrical cable required to hook up the portable unit(s) to the power supply. The greater the length, the bigger the size needed to maintain voltage and current draw.

Event tip: Don’t forget cable ramps to hide the cables and prevent trip hazards. Diffusers should also be considered for ease of installation.

Explore Effective, Portable Cooling and Heating Solutions For Your Event

At Portable Air, we understand the ins and outs of climate control for outdoor spaces. That’s why we’ve been the premier source for temporary cooling and heating services for over three decades. Whether we’re installing portable AC for tents at a wedding or providing heating solutions at an outdoor party, the expert team at Portable Air simplifies the process and delivers results. Finding temperature control options doesn’t have to be a hassle. Contact the knowledgeable Portable Air team with your questions. We’d love to help you find the ideal system for your event.

The Best Portable Air Conditioner depends on your application

Hi, I’m Erik with Portable Air, and we want to talk today a little about the best portable air conditioner in our review today. It’s hot and muggy out, you don’t have any A/C. That is a bad day for you. We’ve got a couple of different options that can help provide a little more cooling and a little better comfort in the environment you’re working with. Whether it’s commercial, industrial, new construction, we have a solution for the best portable air conditioner in each area of need.

The Best Portable Air Conditioner For Indoor Applications


Indoor Portable Air Conditioners, often called Spot Coolers, from Temp-Cool and Airrex range in anywhere from 1 ton to a 5-ton unit. They are easy to move, have a small footprint and are powered by a standard wall outlet. The good thing about these is you can put them anywhere you need to. They’re an all-in-one package. Heat and humidity are sent through the refrigeration cycle and then disperse as cool dry air through two supply nozzles. With the heat the unit takes in, it will require an area to exhaust it back out of the space. Each unit comes equipped with a “Ceiling Kit” to vent the hot air up into a dropped ceiling or directed out of a window or door. Spot coolers are a great way to get heat out of the space and to make a nice comfortable cooled area.

The Best Portable Air Conditioner For Outdoor Applications


Package units range in different sizes, anywhere from a 5-ton to 50-ton units with the most common size being our 25-ton units. They are an awesome solution due to their variety of applications. They can go on any job site. These units can be trailer mounted or placed with a forklift or crane. Once the unit is in place, the flexible duct is attached and cool air is distributed wherever it’s needed. They can be powered by an available breaker or by a temporary generator. Whether installed on the ground or the roof air conditioning can be supplied where it is needed.

The Best Portable Air Conditioner For Events


Let’s say you have an outdoor event in a tent. Maybe you are having a wedding or fundraiser in the summertime. It’s hot and it’s humid and you have 200 guests that are going to be inside that tent. The event is not going to go well without A/C. The best portable air conditioner for this situation is our Vertical Package Units. They connect right into your tent walls to make a nice seamless look from inside. This is another very user-friendly piece of equipment that will ensure everyone at your event will never have to sweat a drop… least, if they don’t want to!

When your air conditioner fails it’s never a good thing, but it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. There is a solution. It doesn’t matter what type of space you need to be cooled off, rest assured, there is a portable air conditioner solution to meet your need!


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Every bride dreams of being a princess on her wedding day, looking picture perfect, and glowing with joy. But in the South, glowing can turn into sweating, thanks to the heat and humidity. If you’re going to have an outdoor wedding, an air-conditioned wedding tent will be your saving grace.

Imagine that big white tent, complete with a wooden dance floor, lots of lights, a band, tables set with china, and cool air flowing throughout making you and your guests feel comfortable and ready to have a good time. When you rent air-conditioning, you’re investing in a successful event. Here are a few good reasons why you should have an air-conditioned wedding tent:

  1. Wedding dresses don’t have ventilation. They’re made with layers of heavy material that leave no room for breathing. The bride will be the center of attention, so she should feel comfortable. Who wants to see wedding pictures of a sweaty bride and groom?
  2. Let’s face it, dancing is exercise and when you exercise, you sweat. Wedding guests look forward to having a good time -- not feeling miserable in sticky clothes. Think about your older guests too. They may have health conditions that can be elevated by the heat.
  3. Why spend money on a cake that will sit and melt? The wedding cake is the centerpiece of any wedding, and melted cake icing is devastating for any bride.
  4. Your wedding planner, caterer, and bartenders will thank you. Like the cake, certain types of foods last longer in cool air. There's nothing worse than guests getting sick from sour food, and staff being easily worn down from the heat.
  5. Flowers are the main accessory for brides, and they wilt in the heat. Flowers are better preserved in a cool environment, which is why you should invest in an air-conditioned wedding tent.

When your outdoor wedding is in an enclosed space like a tent, barn, or non-air conditioned building, portable air conditioning could be a solution to cool down your guests. Portable air conditioners are the most efficient way to keep your enclosed space at the ideal temperature.Every bride (and mother of the bride) wants her wedding to be the talk of the town and to be remembered forever. So when you’re planning that outdoor wedding overlooking the lake, the 18th hole, or the vineyard, make sure you include an air-conditioned wedding tent. You’ll be happy you did!

Check out these helpful links for more information:

If you live anywhere in the south, you know how hot it gets, especially at the end of spring and during the summer months. If you are planning an event during this time, you will want to consider renting an AC Unit to ensure the comfort of your guests and the success of your event.


Ambient temperature (ABM) is the temperature in a surrounding area. ABM can be the temperature in a room or the temperature in the environment surrounding certain equipment such as computers, power supplies, and other electronic equipment. In an area/room with electronic equipment, the ABM is determined by both the room temperature and the heat that is created by the electronic equipment.

Our technicians are very animated. They can be a bunch of characters. For more info check out our DX HVAC Unit page. Remember to download our free digital catalog while you're here!


HVAC: What is a Vertical Air Conditioner?


So, your big event venue is in need of additional heating and cooling or whatever else it takes to keep your guests comfortable! That might mean a rental air conditioning unit is exactly what you need, but that doesn’t mean that there's only one type or style. When it comes to air conditioning equipment there are additional varieties to consider. Here are some of the best options to keep your event running smoothly!


"The entire server just crashed”. Nightmare fuel right? When companies depend on computers, their local server rooms should be one of the most important considerations on a daily basis. So, what’s the number one issue that can cause issues for this technology? Poor temperature control. The perfect solution? Spot Coolers!

It’s as simple as this: servers need an environment between 68 and 72 degrees to continue operating, and without it you might face temporary or permanent damage to your system. Many factors can raise temperature in these situations, from sunlight on the door of the server room, the temperature of surrounding rooms, and the computer server equipment itself.

Some business owners may assume the standard building air conditioning will suffice. For smaller servers that is usually OK, but for larger systems or multiple server setups, supplemental air conditioning is essential. Spot coolers are self-contained, portable air conditioners. Our 1.2 ton and 1.5 ton units connect via a standard 110 outlet and cool up to 400 square foot (20x20 foot room) per ton.  Warm air is ducted into drop ceilings out outside via any available windows. Condensation from the unit doesn’t have any effect on the room itself, because it is channeled into an internal storage tank, or even outdoors or into an on-site drain via an attached hose. There’s no need worry about spilling water if you forget to empty the condensation tank, because the unit will shut off automatically to avoid over-filling it. The inclusion of a spot cooler may even improve the room’s standard humidity by keeping the air cooler and crisper.

Portable Air is your premier source for rental and purchase of HVAC, cooling, heating, and dehumidification equipment!

If you are thinking of hosting a tented event, whether it’s for a wedding, meeting, birthday party, or any other type of gathering, you will obviously want to be sure that your guests are going to be comfortable. This means that the use of spot coolers, portable air conditioners, or other forms of cooling may be necessary. If your event will be taking place during the summer months, these devices will most likely be essential, but tents can get stuffy and uncomfortable even during the cooler months in parts of the southern half of the US. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can ensure the temperature of your tented event will be comfortable. Keep your guests cool and content with the help of a portable air conditioning device.

There are many different devices you can choose from, so you will want to be sure the company you are working with offers you these options and informs you on the best way to cool your specific event.

Some things you will want to keep in mind before choosing a cooling option:

Just a few tent cooling options include:

Cooling your tented event is easy when you follow these helpful tips!


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