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March 29, 2017

Air Conditioning: A History

Have you ever gone inside on an extremely hot day and found yourself overwhelmed with gratitude for the cool air provided by your air conditioner? If you’re at home, you may be thankful for your commercial indoor air conditioner, or if you are at the office, it may be an industrial HVAC system that you find yourself thankful for. It wasn’t that long ago that we couldn’t have that gratitude for our air conditioner because air conditioning either had not been invented, or was not yet available for commercial use. Some of us can even remember not having air conditioning in our homes or place of business. If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering about your air conditioning and where it came from, here is a brief history of air conditioning and how it all got started.

  • 1750s – Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley discovered that the evaporation of alcohol and other liquids created a cooling effect that could freeze water.
  • 1830s – Dr. John Gorrie created a machine that made ice using compression.

  • Early 1900s – The ‘Apparatus for Treating Air’ was invented by Willis Carrier. The machine controlled room temperature and humidity by blowing air over coils filled with cold water. When Willis Carrier discovered that cooling rooms and buildings could be a lucrative business, he started the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America.
  • 1910sCommercial indoor air conditioners began to be used in the home.
  • Early 1930s – The window air conditioner was invented by J.Q. Sherman and H.H. Shultz. At the time, the units were so expensive that only the wealthy could afford them.
  • 1950s – Commercial indoor air conditioning for the home becomes more commonplace and by the 1960s, almost all new homes came with air conditioning.
  • 1970s – In Japan, Spot Cooling was invented to cool workers in factories. With the cooler environment, the inventors found that productivity increased.
  • 1980s – The inventors of Spot Cooling began to sell Spot Coolers in the U.S.
  • 1990s – Larger portable air conditioners began to be built to meet consumer demand. Spot coolers also began to be built in the U.S.
  • 2010sHVAC systems are invented for tented structures and for use at temporary locations. These HVAC units are often used for entertainment events, special events, and emergencies.

Today, we are able to enjoy air conditioning nearly everywhere we go. For more information on portable air conditioning, HVAC units, and Spot Coolers, visit or call 800-341-4297.

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