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September 21, 2016

3 Ways To Keep Your Event Cool

So, your big event venue is in need of additional heating and cooling or whatever else it takes to keep your guests comfortable! That might mean a rental air conditioning unit is exactly what you need, but that doesn’t mean that there's only one type or style. When it comes to air conditioning equipment there are additional varieties to consider. Here are some of the best options to keep your event running smoothly!

Vertical Air Conditioners: These air conditioners are designed to be installed with a forklift and come flush to the wall of any structure whether it be a tent or a permanent structure. Vertical HVAC air conditioners have come in very handy for weddings, concerts, or event halls.

Horizontal Air Conditioners: Similar to vertical air conditioners in function, but not in form. These units are rough and tumble, very much a workhorse of the HVAC world. These are fully contained air conditioner systems which run very quietly and are ducted into a tent or structure. The major benefit of these units come in where there may not be room enough to maneuver an AC unit into a structure, you can place these units outside and duct the cool or warm air inside!

Spot Coolers: The most popular unit for fast and efficient supplemental air conditioning. Spot Coolers are designed around their namesake. They cool down a smaller area, like one or two connected rooms, hallways etc. Let’s say you’ve got a wedding venue with little to no air conditioning. These units can help keep the bride and groom’s rooms cool while they get ready, while larger units take care of cooling down the ceremony and reception venue!

And no madder which option you choose, remember when looking into HVAC rentals you’ll want to shop around for the best rental or sale prices from a reputable partner in the HVAC industry.

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